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Welcome, visitor # to Majesty, a mini dedication to the charming and handsome idol Aikawa Ryou from Love Live! Ryou is one of the many side characters in the game and so we don't know much about her. However, her regal personality when she's playing out a role has managed to captivate many hearts and certainly claimed mine. I truly wish that she was part of the formal teams but if she cannot be in the limelight, then maybe she can find a little way into your heart from here!

♔ The Idol Stats and Profile

   → Kanji: 相川涼
   → School: Touou Academy
   → Attribute: Cool
   → Birthday: May 6th
   → Astrological Sign: Taurus
   → Blood Type: AB
   → Height: 168cm
   → Measurements: B89 / W58 / H85
   → Hobbies: Playing guitar
   → Year: Third

Containing My Gay

So what about this idol caught my eye in the first place? Well, truth be told, it was face value at first. I can't be alone in falling in love with one of the many idols of Love Live based on character design alone and Ryou immediately caught my eye. I loved her more masculine appearance as it was a sharper contrast to all the more feminine and cute designs of her counterparts. I am an absolute sucker for a woman in a suit and Ryou just screamed that same sort of energy.

Upon reading her side stories and learning bits a pieces about her through other characters, I grew to love the sheer amount of confidence that she seemed to have in herself when it came to the stage. Her love of drama and becoming her role was admirable. She seemed to put her whole heart into it and was able to pull off a believable presentation every time. Honestly, I would absolutely love to see her perform. I feel like her stage presence would outshine all others on stage and I have no doubts that I would become absolutely awestruck with her work.

Case and point, she had a single moment of acting that we were able to witness and I will be fully honest that I had some minor dokidokis. I am so completely charmed by this handsome beauty and I can only continue to look forward to every new opportunity I have to fall in love with her a little more. ♥

♔ Substories

Self Introduction
"Shining Spotlight!
This is what I've been dreaming about!
Oh, excuse me... Did I surprise you? I am Ryo Aikawa, a third-year student.
I put on gorgeous clothes and climb onto the stage to become anyone--male of female, young or old.
I am me, and yet I am not me. Do you understand?
I am... filled with excitement. I feel like I was born to be on the stage.
Hee hee. The world of drama is no longer enough, so I'm challenging myself to stand on the stage of the school idol.
Our stage! Let's go together, to the dazzling world of dreams!
My wish... is that you would watch me on stage. That would make me happy."

The Happiest Moment
"This I swear: I will live with you, age with you, and never leave you alone.
Hey, thanks for coming to see our show.
No matter how many times I'm on stage, it always feel like the first. I've got to keep working to improve, too.
I never feel as happy as when I see the satisfied smiles on our audience's face after the show. It's the same for being a school idol or any other performance.
Of course I was looking at you, too. I'm glad you were smiling.
I was even happier this time since Yuki was with me. You two have met, right?
You should come see our next school idol show, too. Well... how about next weekend?
Hehe, now there's even more to look forward to. See you then!"

A Present For You
"Oh! Did you come by yourself today?
I have a present for you. Here you are.
Heehee! Don't be so nervous. It's just that our club is having a promotion for White Day.
We've also got a flyer for our next performance... see, look. The date and time of our next performance is written here.
I know that school idols have other important events besides performances.
We want to feel closer to you... we want you to come and see us...
I can rest easy if you come. Will we be able to meet at our next performance?
... I'm glad to hear that. I'll come and see you next time as well. Yuki is also looking forward to seeing you."

Koyuki Shirase

Out of all the characters in the game, the person that Ryou seems to have the closest connection with is first-year Koyuki Shirase. She affectionately refers to her simply as Yuki. Now we do not know much about these two but the surfire thing is that they're clearly very important to each other.

Koyuki looks up to Ryou a great deal, stating that Ryou looks so amazing on stage and is constantly seeking her out. She wants Ryou to teach her how to become a better school idol and being able to master the stage much like her senpai.

During one of her sidestories, she talks about how she's either always with Ryou or she's constantly bringing her up in conversation. She talk about how Ryou is her angel and has shown her a whole new world. She seems to heavily rely on her senpai and both take this in great stride.

For Ryou's part, while she doesn't consistently talk about her precious kouhai, she does always find a way to bring her up in conversation. She will be talking to you, the MC, about how she hopes you will come to see her show and then always adds something about how Yuki will be happy to see you as well or how Yuki is looking forward to performing too.

Personally, I like to think these two cuties are dating. Whether that's your thing or not is totally up to you but given the context of how they talk about each other, what we know about their relationship and general day to day interaction, it seems that there is a certain depth to their relationship that doesn't quite line up to the basic stereotype of senpai and kouhai. Besides, just looking at them side by side, don't they just look like your classic romance story of the handsome prince and charming princess?

With that, I bid you farewell. I hope that this small tribute will help you find the love for this wonderful side character. Ryou has managed to charm my heart even more than any of the main cast from Love Live and I would honestly love a spinoff that focused on her. Until then, I will simply have to eat up whatever little bits and pieces Love Live throws at me about her and continue to fall in love with her one card at a time. ♥